The 1¼ Collection
The 1¼ Collection
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The 1¼ Collection

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One of our hand selected, artist inspired & designed rolling trays + four booklets of our 1¼ papers: Brown Rice, Bamboo, Organic Hemp, Virgin.  


Whether creating art a la Hemingway and Henry Miller, or making life an art in the style of Zelda Fitzgerald, the Lost Generation defined 1920s café culture in Paris—not so far from the home of OCB. This exclusive Sean Dietrich image celebrates that world, proving that art has always been liberation. Because no matter the medium, inspiration is what matters. It’s how we like to roll.


Trips up and down the water spout are overrated. True spider nirvana is chilling out at home and inviting a few guests for dinner. Created exclusively for OCB, this image by artist Sean Dietrich imagines the spider’s web as spun-out pasta feast, ensnaring a party of long-tongued flies. Protein is protein, says the not-so-itsy-bitsy spider. At OCB, we believe you should always choose your own pleasure, and make it stick. It’s how we roll.


Even the most twisted roads finally even out, and the best and worst of days end apace, with the sun taking its final, grandiose dive below the horizon. At OCB, we believe it’s important to know when to look around and throttle back. In this exclusive Sean Dietrich image, the rider rolls on at his own perfect pace. Unrushed, yet unrelenting, ultimately taking it all in. There is always time for the slow burn. It’s how we roll.


To be the captain of the ship or the capsizer of convention. To ride the wave, or to power it from beneath. At OCB, we know that identity can be fluid, and man vs. monster is not always a binary choice. In this exclusive image by artist Sean Dietrich, captain and creature converge, their fates entwined, sticking together through all time. It’s how OCB was meant to roll.


Where deep forest is rooted in sheer magmatic power, and the animal spirit is strong, the Pacific Northwest offers up untamable mysteries. This exclusive OCB image by artist Sean Dietrich captures a vision of the most mysterious wildling of all, half man, half creature, all Sasquatch, proof that a single, muddy, giant footprint can lead us all to something bigger. The mind expands with the possibilities. It’s how we roll.


Our identity has always been in our hands. From the ancient cave paintings of Lascaux, France, to present day life, our hands grasp, greet, create and embellish. In this image by Sean Dietrich, Early Man reaches up, out—and toward OCB. It is a literal show of hands, affirming what it means to both mark a century and defy the limits of time. It’s how we like to roll.


At OCB, we believe that everything is connected. Sea and sky, ocean and shore, art and science, past and present. In this image by artist Sean Dietrich, all pieces are part of a greater whole, a patchwork that comes together to create OCB. Seeing a pattern is only the beginning. Breaking from it is the stuff of legend. It’s how we like to roll.


Beauty and uniqueness have always been a driving force at OCB. Sometimes, you have to take a breath, take in the artistry of nature and then you're one step closer to seeing the fabled unicorn; strong, pure, majestic. We blur the line between nature and fantasy. That's how we roll.


In the African rainforests, the green bush viper slithers through the foliage, invisible, but to the most ardent observers. Although we all may feel invisible sometimes, if we take the time to stop and reflect, we'll see that we are part of the natural world and that there is beauty in everything. Let's enjoy it before it slithers away. That's how we roll.


Smoky, rich, decadent. One intake of breath and the smell evokes all the senses. It brings us precious memories of good times, good food, family and friends. Nothing better in the world. That's how we like to roll.


Life is always pushing us to speed up and never let up. But some days are meant to be taken slowly. The sun, fresh air and all of nature need to be enjoyed leisurely. When you take the time to stop and smell the pineapple, then you know you're alive. It's how humans were meant to roll.

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